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Laura Blomvall and Stephen Grace Editorial

Kit Fan -- The River Vienne, Ten Haikus by Fan Kuan, The
Painted Garden in the Villa of Livia
Rahul Gupta --  א (Aleph)
Jon Stone -- Terminal Ballistics
Gerald Dawe -- Two Elegies

Astra Papachristodoulou -- flexland, zn for trauma
Lesley Saunders -- Three 'Gold' Poems
Jan Wagner (translated by Jamie Osborn) -- anna,
houdini in the mirror, shepherd's pie
Muzaffar alNawab (translated by Ahmed Khaleel) -- For the train and Hamad
Angie Spoto -- waiting for joy child, the honeymoon months
Sarah Cave --   'I have nothing...'

James Coghill -- Dragonfly
David Wheatley -- Dip, Letter to Joseph Massey
Suzannah V. Evans -- Song of West Sands, Tambourine

Caitríona O’Reilly -- Eels, Fly

David Morris -- Cooling Towers; Fishermen's Huts Skinningrove; Steel Making, Redcar; Evening Light, Whitby


Ríona Nic Congáil -- Irish-Language Women’s Poetry: Death and the Afterlife of Translation

‘Impertinent Questions’
featuring Caitríona O'Reilly

Anna Svendsen on Thomas Dilworth and David Jones
Stephen Grace on Judith Willson

Notes on Contributors







Alex Alonso and Anna Mercer - Editorial


  • Poems 

John Wedgwood Clarke - Waste-oil tank, from Suite for Artificial Voices 1, 3

Judith Willson - When Yetta locked him in the garden shed, An optical experiment

Edward Doegar - Too Much, History

Wendy Cope - Ex, March 2013

Adam Crothers - Never Get Old, Brief Encounter

Jack Thacker - The Out Gang, The Sling

Chloe Stopa-Hunt - A Children's Song About Guns, Sycamore, Night Visit, Vox populi

Francesca Bratton - For E.B., Practical Advice No 1, Dream 1

Rachel Plummer - Me and My Parrots

Paul McMahon - The Pups in the Boghole

Peter Hughes - from Some Versions of Cavalcanti 39, 45, 48

David Troupes - Crows above Indian Brook





Lisajane Braun - Hawthorns, After Peter Doig, Custodian, Sequoia Wellington from Arbor Vitae 


'Impertinent Questions' featuring Deryn Rees-Jones




Suzannah V. Evans on Adam Crothers

Anthony Huen on Luke Kennard

Billy Mills on Denise Riley



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Karl O'Hanlon - Editorial




Toby Martinez de las Rivas - from Black Sun 

Martin Malone  - Lords of the Ring, from The Unreturning

Charlotte Hoare - Livingstone St., 1. Citalpram, 2. Ferrous Sulphate

John Whale - Muzaffar Al-Nawab (translated by Ahmed Khaleel) - O My Murderer 

James Brookes - Charges from the Douche Apocalypse, Augustus Egg Buys 'The Death of Chatterton', On a Visit to a Frontline Service

Peter Robinson - Marriage Lines, Staring at the Sun

Erica McAlpine -  A Song for Lalage 

Matthew Sperling - 3 Poems 

John Challis - The Light in Rome, Phthisis 

Michael O'Neil - Criss-Cross, Porthmeor Beach

Melanie Challenger - from the libretto of The Immortal

Helen Tookey - Sudley Field (Dusk)




Luke Thompson - 'Voices of a silence': The Poetry of Sister Mary Agnes




Nigel Brown - Of Poets and Cultures, from Albatross Neck


'Impertinent Questions'


featuring Helen Tookey




Tim Lawrence on John Berryman

Stephen Grace on Peter Hughes

Amy McCauley on J.H. Prynne

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Karl O'Hanlon - Editorial


Paul Mills - Looking for America, The journey from Eastern Siberia to Tierra del Fuego, Andrew Marvell's Garden

Adam Crothers - Dirge, I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition the Human Condition Was In)

Kath McKay - 3472815

John Whale - Nephila, Caerostris Darwini

Sean Burn - vassily

Maureen N. McLane - Seal Cock, You Would Have Liked It, Prospect

Stewart Sanderson - The Rhyton of the Harvesters

C. P. Cavafy (translated by Evan Jones) - Anna Komnene, On Italian Shores, Apollonius of Tyana on Rhodes

JT Welsch - Solitude (1878-1880), Monroe County Evensong, Judge Wilhelm

Steven Roberts - The Cherry Birch

Roger Baxter - Rumpelstiltskin

Peter Davidson - Paul Mealor’s Blues, Rex Whistler’s Blues, August 1938

Steve Ely - Prologue to 'Big Billy'

David Troupes - Famine Stared Them In the Face, About This Time, In 1654, On the 8th of the Same Month

Evelyn Reynolds - Traveling Home: North-Central Oklahoma

Miriam Gamble - Horse of Winter, Macken's Van

Hugh Haughton (after Yves Bonnefoy) - ‘You say the word brambles’


Jaff Seijas - From: Yeats'  Emblems of the 28 Lunar Phases


 Karl O'Hanlon on Christopher Middleton

Jack Quin on Sinéad Morrissey