Submission Guidelines


Eborakon is currently closed for submissions. We will be relaunching in 2020. 



Please send up to six poems or a one hundred line extract from a long poem in a single Word document, including page number and your name in the header. Include a short biography of no more than 100 words in the body of the email. We accept concurrent submissions, but ask that you inform us promptly if you need to withdraw your poems. 



We welcome reviews of up to 1000 words on new poetry (collections published in the last twelve months) or monographs/studies of any aspect of poetry. Please approach us by email to pitch a review in the first instance.



We will be commissioning essays on themes that fit our aesthetic: poetry and landscape/place, etymology, eccentric and marginalised figures, the persistence of Modernism in contemporary poetry, the survival of georgic/pastoralism, and the relationship of the word to the social/political. We welcome pitches in these or similar hinterlands.


The “unexpected”:

‘The innumerable compositions and decompositions which take place between the intellect and its thousand materials before it arrives at that trembling delicate and snail-like perception of Beauty.’ – Keats


We want submissions that will compose and decompose in this glinting, gastropod manner: shock us with hybrid forms, odd character studies, outlandish art, words to music and libretti, collage, eldritch photography – anything outré and original, rooted in the imagination and innovative. Make it beautiful.    



We prefer submissions by email to, particularly if you sending work from overseas, but also accept postal submissions addressed to:


The Editors


The Department of English and Related Literature

The University of York

YO10 5DD

United Kingdom


If you wish us to return your ms, please include an SSAE (with sufficient postage) but we advise strongly against sending originals. We aim to respond within 8-12 weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot remunerate work that appears in our pages. No feedback is given and all decisions are final.